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Enhancing your electrical design workflow in Autodesk® Revit®.

A busy day of circuiting your Revit design can leave some electrical panel boards mislabelled … misconnected … or completely unconnected. You need a tool that helps ensure your Revit electrical model is correct.

In the construction design industry, Revit MEP is a leap forward in collaborative design. No need to wait for drawings to be passed back and forth among your design teams.

And now with PowerCad-PNL, electrical designers have a tool to enhance their Revit MEP workflow to help meet — even beat — aggressive design schedules.

You see, when reviewing complex projects one of your best tools is simplicity. PowerCad-PNL is your tool to extract all panel boards and interconnections to a live 2D view. You get a concise flat schematic that speeds BIM project design reviews.

And BIM Managers will appreciate the easy installation. Just download PowerCad-PNL for Revit MEP (it’s free!):

See the layout of your electrical system:

When you want to visualize the electrical layout, PowerCad-PNL creates a live 2D line diagram of all your panel boards and their interconnections. Quickly find any panel board in your design.

Simplify Renaming:

Using just one global view of your panel boards, you can edit and rename them all. Fast.

Find All Non-Connected Panel Boards:

On the live 2D line diagram, non-connected panel boards fall out and are displayed in a clear, separate list. Jump to them in your Revit workspace and fix the design.

Analyse Your Loads:

PowerCad-PNL displays the loads on each panel board. It’s easy to review your power distribution.

Display Cable Lengths:

See your cable lengths between panel boards, so you know which runs might be too long. Estimators can begin more accurate job pricing too.

Export to PowerCad-5:

After you’ve completed your electrical panel board layout in Revit MEP, bring your design into the PowerCad-5 workspace where you can complete your detailed design.